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During my professional course I had the opportunity to work both as a freelance architect and also as part of a big and medium size team.

I also had the opportunity to work with a wide range of building types and scales - from adaptive reuse projects of 10m2 typical shale houses in Portugal up to 400-room 5 star hotels and casinos in Macau, schools, sports facilities, etc.

I recently won an honourable mention on the "Construction Container Facelift" competition. Have a look at the project and the interview here

I have a keen interest in sustainability and circularity and am one of the GlassPass co-founders - spearheading a platform providing an effective tracking, sorting and separation solution for construction glass in order to enable it to be circled back into production. 


Feel free to have a look at the attached CV and portfolio for further details and examples of the work I have been developing. 



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