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I'm a Portuguese architect who lived and worked in Macau for 3 years and is currently based in London.

This journey around the world - from Portugal to Asia, and now to London - has been a very enriching experience which has widened my knowledge and creativity through the contact with different realities, places and cultures.

Photography has been always present along the way. It started as a way to capture the essence of the unique places I had the opportunity to visit, and it gradually became like a daily routine; a way to keep myself attentive to everything that surrounds me.

It also became a learning tool - a way for me, as an architect, to capture and register the details that make me gaze upon a certain building and the features that make that building unique: its soul.

The latest challenge I've embraced is set design and construction, and it's been a wonderful journey.

Being part of the overall process and of the group of people responsible for making a play come to life is very rewarding. 

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